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Migao Corporation, based in China, produces specialty potash-based fertilizers for the high-value agricultural Chinese market. The Company was established in 2003 and has increased its production capacity from 320'000 tonnes in year 2010 to 670'000 tonnes in year 2015.

Migao is positioned to become the leading producer of specialty potash fertilizer for the Chinese market. The Company is currently producing its three core products -- potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate and compound fertilizer, at nine operating locations in China.

China is the largest consumer of fertilizers in the world. Demand for improved crop yield, higher quality food, and more variety is fueling the growth of the fertilizer market in China. There is very little naturally occurring potash in China. Of the three principal fertilizer nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, and potash), potash is the least readily available in the country. Migao's patented technology allows the Company to offer a consistent and reliable supply of high quality fertilizers which are ideal for high-value crops such as fruits and vegetables, tobacco, and cotton.  
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